When it comes to water pumping using wind or solar, W.D. Moore and Co are the leaders in design and supply of cost effective systems for your water needs, including domestic water, livestock, water transfer, irrigation, dewatering, aquaculture, purification and aquatic leisure.

Windmill pumping solutions:

  • Hot dipped galvanised components.
  • Innovative Design and Perfectly Balanced.
  • Simple Erection and Assembly.
  • ‘Stormproof’ Automatic Governing.
  • 50 Years Field Tested.
  • Engineer Designed.
  • We also offer complete solar pumping solutions.

W.D. Moore and Co. are here to help you select the system most suited to your requirements or maintain your current system with a large range of spare parts

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W.D. Moore has a solid history of providing quality products backed by unrivalled experience

For more than 100 years W.D. Moore and Co. has been a family business involved in pumping water ... naturally. From the original Aermotor Windmills of the 1890's to the solar powered products of today, the company has promoted the use of renewable energy. The application of natural technology systems to water pumping and power generation has made W.D. Moore and Co. a vital supplier to customers in Australia's rural and remote areas.

W.D. Moore and Co. has had a history of continuous support for the pastoral industries in Australia.

The Start
William Dalgety Moore was twenty seven years of age when he commenced business as W.D. Moore & Co. in 1862. Over the next thirty years the business prospered and developed as wine and spirit merchants. A schooner was purchased for the valuable trade between Fremantle and Geraldton. Distribution stores were established at Cossack and Roebourne, along the north coast of Western Australia.

The Windmills
During the "roaring 90's", W.D. Moore & Co. ventured into importing Aermotor Windmills from the USA and soon found a ready market in the hot, dry pastoral areas of the Nor-West. The 1913 edition of the Cyclopaedia of WA describes the venture:- "a speciality is made of the manufacture of pumps for raising water from underground. Deserving of special attention is the famed AIRMOLOO WINDMILL (Aermotor), the popularity of which among the pastoralists in the Nor-West and in other states is something remarkable. The tower of the windmill is specially constructed to withstand the fierce onslaught of the willy-willy, common in the Nor-West, and the design has been very successful. Thousands of these mills have been erected in the pastoral areas" - "an expert being specially employed to supervise their erection. This expert spends most of his time in the northern country, and was first to proceed overland by motor car from Roebourne to Port Hedland and thence to Onslow and Carnarvon to Perth".