The features and benefits of Wind


Features Benefits
Proven design Reliability
Long lasting
Mechanical Technology Low technology
Low maintenance costs
No skilled labour required
Most parts can be purchased locally
No requirement to stock expensive back up parts
Can be used with low flowing bores
(the Windmill can "Lick & Spit")
Low producing bores can be utilised
Pump can run dry without damage
Non-Corrosive Column & Rod Minimal service cost
long lasting
Uses natural energy from the wind No fuel cost
No need to cart fuel
Can pump at night (the wind day is around 10 hours per day)
Secure and visible Unlikely to be stolen
Appropriate volume Water is not pumped to waste
Requires only a low cost bore


There are many pumping systems, and not every one is right, and not every one is wrong. One key fact in water pumping is that the majority of pumps installed are working away from their duty point - that is, the pump used is the wrong pump for the job. The design of the best system involves an analysis of all the factors concerning the site, and then a decision  can be made as  to the most appropriate system to match those factors.