A Comprehensive range of Pressure Pumps from the PumpMaster range are available.

MODEL STP - These pumps are very compact, all metal construction with high pressure (up to 79 PSI). For general household pressure system use, they would normally operate at 15-40 PSI and flows around 400 G.P.H.

They should not be installed on applications were they are used infrequently as the brass impeller works within small tolerances and can 'stick' if left un-used for long periods. Nor are they recommended for use on aggressive bore water.

Other than this, for a domestic dwelling, they operate reliably with adequate water supply for an average house.

MODEL JP to STJ120 - Typical 'Jet Pumps' with pressures to 75 PSI and flows to 900 G.PH Ideal for medium to large dwellings as pressure systems. They will self prime (can handle some air on the suction side) which can be of benefit in many instances.

Like all shallow well Jet Pumps, on suction lifts performance declines with depth of water, until at lifts of 6M, approx. 50% losses have occurred. For this reason, they are most suited to flooded suctions (water tanks etc,) or shallow suction lifts.

MODEL JPX - INOX - Similar to JP - ST J but with a stainless steel casing. Ideal where water being pumped is brackish or slightly aggressive.

MODEL STO - STV - Multiple staging pumps, quiet in operation and very efficient. Stainless steel bodies, not recommended on high suction lifts. pressures to 116 PSI and flows to 2060 GPH.

MODEL ST - STBJ - Big flow pumps with pressure, up to 79 PSI and 2640 G.P.H. Suitable for large watering sprinkler applications or water transfer.

MODEL STJ 150 - 300 - Very high pressure, Jet assisted self-priming. Pressures to 97 P.S.I. and flows to 1780 G. P .H. Ideal for long distance pumping, wash-down, with a flat performance curve, Also as a pressure system for large properties. As a Jet Pump, the same restrictions on the suction lifts applies as the HM Jet Pumps.

MODEL STM 50 - Excellent small transfer pump for tank filling, septic tank emptying (with a suitable screened foot-valve) etc. Pressures to 30 PSI and flows to 1250 G.P.H.

MODEL SCM-CPM-STM 100 to 300 - These larger sizes are excellent pressure system units on suction lifts, as performance is only effected marginally on depths to water of 25'. Pressures to 76 PSI and flows to 2775 G.P.H.

MODEL STM 1300 - Primarily used for dairy wash-down. Pressure to 48 PSI and flows to 6,800 GPH

MODEL STA - 100 – 200 –300 - Deep well Jet Pumps that can lift water to depths of 150'.
They are not high flow pumps but provide excellent discharge pressures. Flows to 1000 G.P.H, pressures to
85 PSI.