You might be asking what kind of extras you could require if you are thinking about buying a hot tub. We’ll discuss some of the most well-liked hot tub extras in this post to assist you get more fun from your hot tub. To help you decide which extras you need and which ones you like, we’ll provide you with as much information as we can about each one.

Floating Holders for Drinks

A hot tub item that is very popular and has a purpose is floating drink holders. Drinks placed along the hot tub’s side might frequently spill, leading to mishaps both outside and inside the hot tub. Most of this anxiety is eliminated by the floating drink holder, which also offers a secure, hands-free solution to store your beverage.

Caddy/Hot Tub Bar

Another great place to keep your beverage is the caddy or bar for the hot tub. These gadgets are stable and go over the hot tub’s edge. They are available in a variety of sizes, from small to large, and can store multiple bottles of alcohol or other snacks and treats.The floating drink holder is inferior to the caddy in so many ways, however not all hot tubs have the lip needed to accommodate the caddy. A few caddies might also be quite pricey. You can learn more here.


Even if you spend more time in your jacuzzi single or with friends or family, you could discover that playing games helps pass the time and enhance your experience. There are numerous manufacturers of magnetic board activities like checkers and chess, as well as waterproof playing cards. Because there isn’t enough area to roam around and kids could get hurt, we advise against splash-type games.


Lighting may be a terrific way to create the right atmosphere and mood while also raising the degree of safety surrounding your hot tub. Submerged, floating, and safety lights are the 3 main categories.

Underwater Lights

Your hot tub’s bottom is covered with underwater lights that shine light into the water. These lights typically alter the colour of the waters, and they can be connected to an app to provide complete colour control.

Floating Lights

On top of the water, there are floating lights that imitate flowers, candles, or other decorations. Even though these lights produce a lot less light than submerged ones, they can still be beneficial and provide a fair amount of illumination.

Security Lights

Safety lights are crucial for avoiding accidents near the hot tub. These lighting can be of any kind, however track spotlights and lighting are frequently used. We advise that you immediately illuminate any locations you feel are dark.

Audio System

Whether you use the hot tub by yourself or with others, the sound equipment is a great addition to any space. There are several different types of sound systems that are appropriate for use with hot tubs, and there are also floating models that use Bluetooth to play music from a mobile application.