When running a business, especially a large-scale operation you are going to need to hire a cleaning service in order to keep your facility clean. And this could be somewhat tricky due to the many companies available, each specializing in a certain area. It is important to make a well-informed decision as you will trust them to act professionally around your workspace. Consider the following points when deciding on a cleaning company:

Reviews and clients

Do some research and find out from their previous and current clients about experiences and if they’d recommend the company. Also remember to check their reviews online, as this will allow you to assess the company’s performance and commitment. Take time and vet the company thoroughly and if anything concerns you, address it directly to get their feedback. 

Quality of staff

 Inquire about the companies hiring policies and experience of staff. It is important to know the people who will be possibly working in your offices. A well-established company will be able to give you a run through of their hiring procedure and all the way through to the training programs provided to their staff.

Industry experience

Different industries will require certain standards and procedures to be followed.Discuss their previous experiences and find out if they are aware of the expectations and guidelines within your industry. An experienced workforce will be able to deal with any issues that might come up efficiently and effectively.

Services offered

Be sure to find out all the services offered by the company and find out what they specialize in. Most Ballarat commercial cleaners take pride in their upholstery and windows cleaning services. And some even offering services not easily found like solar panel cleaning. Also assess your needs and compare them against those offered by various companies to find an ideal fit.

Liability Insurance

Pick a company with liability insurance as you will trust your facility in their hands. Thus, in order to receive assurance that you will be compensated in the event of an accident at the hands of the cleaners.


Just like any other business expense, find the best value for money. There are many local companies offering cleaning services, consider offers from multiple companies before making your decision in order to ensure that you receive the best price.


As with any industry, there are specific certification and qualifications which can be achieved within commercial cleaning. A company that is committed to providing the best service will invest in such certifications, so use this as an indication when making your decision.

Quality control

Does the company have quality checks in place? Inquire whether the quality of work is monitored by supervisors in charge. Experienced companies will have preset guidelines in place to assure that quality standards are met.

The above mentioned points are just a few of many things to consider when choosing a professional cleaning company. Most importantly, be clear with your expectations and hire a well reputed company which suits your budget.

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