One way to upgrade the look of your house is to remodel your bathroom. Before you go directly into remodelling you have to do some work, like planning, writing a budget and getting the necessary things.


Very important part of any upgrade is to have a plan. You can write down whatever idea you have and go ahead with it or you can go through the internet and find some ideas, which you can improvise on.

Some things you can consider are what colour are you going to choose for the bathroom, you have to choose a colour that would complement your bathroom tiles.

What kind of remodelling are you going for? Are you just going to make few touches like repainting or are you going to replace your tub or sink or vanity?

If you are going to remove some cabinets to make your bathroom look big you have to think about where you will be keeping your toiletries, for this you can add some shelves.


Remodelling a bathroom can be costly that doesn’t mean you can’t do it on a budget. Define your budget first and write the expenses you might incur. You would have to spend on supplies and labour if you have to hire anyone to do the work.

If there is no restriction on the budget you can completely renovate the whole bathroom. Check out services that offerbathroom renovations in Melbourne.

Change your vanity

Replacing your old vanity with a new vanity can make a lot of differences, shop for something that looks stylish and modern. Floating vanities are an excellent choice and this gives the appearance of elegance to your bathroom. The floating vanity can be made of a wooden plank with a vessel like sink or you can install one with double sinks and lots of drawers.

Shower door

Fixing a glass shower door can make the bathroom look luxurious. Not only does it make the bathroom look very modern it is very easy for any family member who have mobility problem to use this as there is no ledge to climb over.

Install music system

It is always nice to relax in the shower after a tiring day listening to soothing music. For this you can install a sound system in the bathroom or put a smart speaker on a shelf. If you are installing a sound system, make sure to place the speaker in the two corners of the room.

Install new lightings

Changing the lighting can have a major impact in how your bathroom looks. You can put small ceiling lights on the ceiling. Put a sconce over the mirror in the sink area and also you can out a nice fixture over the bathtub.

Wall length mirror

Instead of having a small mirror over the vanity, install a mirror that goes along the length of the wall, this also helps in making the bathroom look bigger.

These are just some ideas you can add your own twist to make the interior unique.

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