Throwing a party can be fun and you can hold an amazing party by making some preparations beforehand.

What Type of Party Are You Going to Hold?

First you need to decide what kind of party you want to host, is it a birthday party a pool party, tea party, dinner party. And if you are holding a themed party or are you going a small party with only selected people or you want a big party that is remembered for a long time. Deciding on what kind of party you want to host would enable you to prepare accordingly.

Where You Are Going to Hold the Party?

You have to then decide where you are going to hold the party this can be at your house or you can rent a place to hold the party. If you are going to hold a pool party you need to rent a place with a pool. If you are going to hold a party at home you have to see if you have all the furniture and the necessary items. To accommodate the number of people that come you would need to bring more chairs or you can get discount bar stools.

Sending Out Invitation

You have to decide how many people you are going to invite and you would have to send invitations to them. when sending invitation assume everyone to attend and ask for an RSVP this way you would be able to plan out your food and drinks.

Some of the people you invite may want to bring someone with them as well and you may let them know on the invitation by quoting in ‘’plus one’’ or ‘’family and friends invited’’.

If you want a small party inviting about 10 – 15 people would be enough but if you are going for a bigger party, you can invite more.

Let The People Know What to Wear

If you have a specific theme for the party let them know. If you are having a classy party you may want to tell them to come in formals and if there is no specific theme or attire you can ask them to come as they will.

Clean The House

You don’t want your guests to come to a dirty house so clean the house and prepare the house to receive your guests, if you don’t want your guest to enter certain rooms, close the doors of those rooms and leave the rest open and make sure to stock the bathrooms with extra toilet paper and soap, and keep them in plain sight.

Have Enough Food for The Party?

Make sure you have enough food for the guest you invite, you can bring in food like chips and dips, crackers, burgers and etc. People may have different diet preferences so make sure to include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Have different types of drinks also available.

Be A Good Host

This is important; you want to make the ones who come to the party to feel comfortable so receive your guests well.

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