Smart homes are popular these past years because of the numerous benefits we could get from it. Aside from making life more convenient and hassle-free, it also gives you more control over your home anytime and anywhere you are.

However, since your smart home system needs to be connected to the internet so you could access it from your mobile device, there is a huge risk that it could be hacked by someone who has a malicious aim on you, your family, or your property.

It can be a hassle to go through all the electronic specifics to keep your smart home system secure but it is necessary to protect you and your family as well. There’s no need to worry though since there are still some simple ways you could do to lower your susceptibility of getting hacked. Read along to learn more.

Make a Secure Wi-Fi Network

It all starts with the security of your network. Aside from changing the router’s name and password, make it more secure by hiding that network from view. It is also better if you have a separate Wi-Fi network for your smart home system. That way, when someone tries to hack and steal information, he gets confined into the smart home network away from the connection where you do browse, banking, and other stuffs.

Passwords make it More Secure

You might think that it’s just a simple appliance but once it gets hacked, the hacker can get more into your smart system. Always change the default password of the device that you connect into the smart network. Be sure to take it seriously and create hard to guess passwords that only you know.

Opt for Professional Installation

To be sure that your smart home system is properly set, it is best to go for professional setup and installation. Doing smart installation by yourself can be exciting but you could get more advice and knowledge when you work with the experts.

They could handle all the necessary connections and wirings in your smart system the right way. You could also inquire for advanced security measures and let them incorporate it to your smart network if they have. If you want to try out home automation Brisbane has some great companies you could rely on.

Don’t Forget to Factory Reset

When you’re selling or discarding a device that was once connected to your smart home system, be sure to factory reset it first before getting rid of it. It is an essential step to remove all your information and access rights to your network and other devices.

Unplug Unused Devices

If you’re going out, don’t forget to unplug unused devices to lessen hotspots for unauthorized access. You could leave the essential devices such as security cameras and thermostat but be sure to unplug other appliances such as vacuum cleaner, TV, speakers, and other unused devices.

Home automation is definitely an amazing technology. Keep yourself safe from hackers by keeping these safety tips in mind.

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