We tend to spend one-third of a day sleeping. It is recommended to sleep for complete eight hours to maintain emotional well-being and physical health. However, not getting sufficient sleep is directly associated with health issues, such as heart diseases and strokes.

One reason for the loss of sleep is due to inadequate bedding. Setting up a bed from the scratch can be a challenging task for most. Thus, one can feel overwhelmed with the unlimited choices in each bedding accomplice. For instance, choosing from the various pillow styles, pillow designs, pillow casing, bedsheets and toppers, blankets, and most importantly, a mattress can get intricate. 

Perhaps, finding a suitable mattress is the deal here. It is necessary to be very careful when purchasing a mattress for the beds. There are many negative impacts of having the wrong mattress accommodate your bed. Below mentioned are a few of them.

How Does A Wrong Choice of Mattress Affect the Body?

  • Poor bed setting can cause body aches and discomforts
  •  It can worsen the chronic pain
  • Can cause loss of sleep
  • Causes allergies

If you are wondering which type of bedding is right for you, keep reading below. To secure a good sleep, you must have a perfect mattress.

What Are the Different Types of Mattresses?

Innerspring Mattress

The most popular technology in the mattress industry is the innerspring mattress. It is also one of the pioneers in production.The name of this bedding says it all! Thus, this technology uses metal or coil springs to provide core support. The mattress comes in a range of comfort facilities. Hence, it is desirable to suit any budget limit.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using an Innerspring Mattress?


  • Variety of comfort options available
  •  Affordable
  • Provides supportive and a firm feel
  • It is good for pressure point relief 


  • The firm feel won’t be ideal for those seeking softness.

Foam mattress

The memory foam mattress is made using denser foam that does not compress under your weight. Furthermore, it is precisely designed to soften when pressure is applied and, also adapt to the body shape. Besides that, it is also beneficial for pressure point relief. Moreover, this mattress is also easy to move around, as they are not bulky.

What are the pros and cons of this mattress?


  • Available in all comfort levels
  • Suitable for the double bedding


  • Warm sleepers may want cooling mattresses
  • The mattress may feel too soft for some sleepers

Hybrid Mattresses

Perhaps, the most functional type of mattress is a hybrid mattress. It is a popular combination of the perks of an innerspring metal support system with a foam mattress. Hence, it offers both improved support and unmatchable comfort. Thus, these mattresses are a new production in the industry and the fastest-selling product. 

What are the pros and cons of a hybrid mattress?


  • The ideal mattress for all kind of sleepers
  • The best couple choice mattress that encompasses both excellent support and comfort


  • Due to the high-level construction of the mattress, it is expensive.
  • Due to foam layers, the mattress may be too soft for some sleepers.

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