Having to live in a humid environment where you can sweat loads without moving an inch, you’d be doing a major disservice to yourself if you didn’t have a fan in your house! The dilemma is, which sort are you supposed to get? Standing and ceiling fans are 2 of the most popular styles you can find in any house, but if you don’t know which one will suit your needs, don’t worry about it! We’re going to break down the advantages and disadvantages of both of you.

Energy Consumption

Green energy is a huge idea these days, but saving resources is also an enormous act of generosity to your wallet. Standing fans typically use less power than a ceiling fan, but due to new technologies, there are now ceiling fans in the market with energy-saving capabilities.

Since the variations in energy usage between the two fans are quite negligible in this regard, there are other aspects worth taking a look at to help you determine which fan to get.


This comes down to individual preference – so you would rather look up while you clean it, or trying to fiddle with a pedestal fan grill to brush away those annoying dust? Some people are more inclined to clean a ceiling fan, using a vacuum cleaner or a magnetic duster made specially to dust ceiling fan wings.

Cleaning a standing fan doesn’t involve forceful effort, but you’d have to open the grill to clean the wings down, which can be a task. All in all, we’d say this varies on how passionate you are about religiously maintaining the fan.


Stand fans now come in a wide range of styles instead of a non-described grey/white/black variety that is typically found in stores. If you’re hunting for a fan that adds to the atmosphere of your house, such as an elegant fan for your home decorated in all things vintage, it may be easier to find a pedestal fan that’s just going to do that.

Back in the day ceiling fans were more restricted in design, but nowadays there are fans like Timber fans and those that come with light fittings. They’ve got a small advantage over standing fans, too – there’s no annoying wires that try to blow you up!

Wind Flow

The ceiling fan distributes air more widely and is significantly more powerful than the pedestal fan in the cooling down of the room. But, if your room is small or if you want a little more airflow in a tight spot, such as a tight dressing room, a pedestal fan will do the trick.


Pedestal fans are usually more economical than ceiling fans, and sell at a variety of rates that make it much easier to purchase on a tight budget. They’re also a breeze to shop, as they’re widely sold in furniture and electronic shops, and you can also buy them online. There’s almost no assembly work required to get it running – just connect it in and bam, instant air!

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