Constructing a pool is no easy task, whether it is for a home or a commercial property there are an endless amount of tasks and regulations that need to be adhered to. Countries such as Australia are extremely particular concerning the safety of pools and spas so therefore it is mandatory for inspections to be carried out before a pool or spa can be deemed useable.

Whether you are thinking of turning your backyard into a pool deck or opening a pool in a commercial location such as hotel or private club, the regulations may vary. However these are some of the basic requirements for home pools that need to be constructed.

Distance away from house

The pool construction has to have a certain distance from the house itself. While it may vary depending on the space available you will need to get the plan approved beforehand. The space taken for the filter installation will need to be allocated.

Pool fence

A pool fence is by far one of the most important swimming pool safety regulations required. The pool fence will need to be of a minimum height and of a certain material. A pool cannot be deemed useable if there is no pool fence installed as you can be legally charged for using a pool without it.

This is for protection against people or animals falling in or venturing too close to the pool area. With the number of pool drowning that took place an act to make it mandatory was created in 1987.  The fence can be made of a portable or removable material such as a mesh or something more permanent like iron or a chain link.

Safety covers for heated pools

A Jacuzzi is fun to sink into on a cold night but it does involve many safety regulations. A heated pool or Jacuzzi will require a covering to protect anyone from falling in. unlike a normal pool due to a heated pool’s temperature additional safety is required. The cover itself will be evaluated on the load it can hold and how fast it can go back into a closed position.

Mandatory inspections

Usually an inspection will be carried out every 3 years. The inspection is carried out in order to ensure the safety regulations have been continuously adhered to. During the inspection the quality of the fence will be checked and will need to change if it is deemed unstable or lacking in providing protection. The water quality in the pool and filters will too be inspected. While using chemicals such as chlorine is possible, water will need to be pumped out and filtered.

Alarms and security codes

Some do take it to the extent of installing security codes that allow entry to the pool area. This is to ensure no child or unknown trespasser can have access to the pool. It can be fixed to the gate and sometimes will have an alarm installed or additional security.

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