Staging a home could make or break your chances of selling it. All the things you could do to stage it are discussed below.

New Paint

Something that can make the space look brand new would be the paint inside. Even if your house isn’t old, new coats of paint would add a pop. Why not pick a new colour? Go with options that are lighter. They prevent the interior from looking cave-like.

The paint you choose could have a special glossy coating. This would make it reflect lighter and make the interior look bigger.


You’d want to make the home look as big as possible. The more reflective objects in a room, the bigger it would look. What would also help with lighting would be the curtains present. Don’t go for anything dark or thick.

Something else that would let more light come in would be additional windows. But this is something that you may be too expensive

Speaking of lighting, more light fixtures would be needed. And the ones you have may not be decorative enough. There are thousands of options on the market; look around.


Take a look at your floor. It may unfortunately have seen better days. You can bring back the shine by wax and polishing. You can protect the surface by then installing a sealant; it would act as a barrier between the floor and the outside.

If you have tiles, there may be a lot of grime stuck between the grout. You’d have to purchase quality tile cleaners to handle them.  You may need professional help if there is wood on your floor that is stained badly – wood gets damaged easily if you try and use harsh chemicals.


Your goal is to help prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the home. There’s no way you’ll be able to do this if there is a lot of furniture and clutter. Not only would clutter make it harder for them to imagine themselves living there, but a lot of items inside would make the interior look smaller.

When storing everything, choose the right place for them. Having them in boxes around the kitchen would be a sight for sore eyes.

Rent Furniture

Store all of your furniture and work with a staging company to rent new pieces. You’d really be able to bring out the features in rooms.


Of course, we have to talk about your home’s exterior. Do everything in your power to increase curb appeal. Even if the interior looks good, an outside that’s unappealing would turn buyers away. Landscaping and cleaning the floor leading to the entrance would help. Make sure you paint the house’s exterior as well.

Final Thoughts

Staging a home would increase your chances of selling it. From everything discussed, the easiest thing to do would be adding new coats of paint. They’d add a pop to your house, as well as make it look bigger – you may have gone with lighter shades.

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