Do you need some help on how to style your bathroom because you want it to come alive? You will be able to find some tips if you read on.


Your entire bathroom style depends on the tiles. The tiles you choose will determine the look of your entire bathroom. We recommend black or white marble tiles. It is very attractive and will make your bathroom look great. The tiles of your choice will be spread all around the floor and walls. You can always add a different tile with design to match the main tile, in which we recommend marble with the tones white or black. You could look for more vibrant tones if you want a colourful look.


Your vanity counter can be made of all sorts of material. We recommend plywood as it will match with the above recommended marble tiles. On your vanity counter you will have all your skincare products and daily essentials. The sink we recommend is a white cast iron sink, bowl or any shape of your choice. We recommend drawers and shelves so that you can keep your vanity organized. Above your vanity table is usually an add on mirror- we recommend this to complete the look.


The size of your shower is optional, depending on the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is big enough you can always add a bathtub. Your shower head is all depending on you. We recommend adding shelves to your shower to hold your bath products organized. If you have a shower instead of a bath tub, we recommend a translucent glass to separate the rest of the bathroom to the shower also to stop water from spreading everywhere.


We recommend hanging paintings or artwork in wooden picture frames for extra class. You can add just about anything to these frames whether its pictures of your loved ones travel photos or even food. These wooden frames will look amazing with any bathroom style you chose, just make sure you pick a suitable image that will match the rest of the room.


Plants are perfect for your bathroom. They are attractive and just everything a room needs. It will make your bathroom look fresh and it would look ten times better. If you are going for a simple themed bathroom, we recommend white pots for your plant. These plants can be placed on your vanity or even your shelves.

You could also add fresh flowers with a simple vase, if you are more of a flower person. You could also have both in as a mix, these addon’s will surely bring your bathroom alive!

Bathroom mats

Bathroom mats are an absolute must! When you hop out of the shower you should always have a soft and clean bathroom mat nearby to step on as well as a towel rack so that you have your towel in reach. We also recommend a bathroom mat behind your vanity counter as well as a small towel ring for hand towels to wipe your hands.

This way your floors are less dirty, you will trip less and if you purchase mats that are waterproof the excess water from showers won’t be an issue.

If you follow this simple guide, you will be able to enjoy getting dressed and cleaning without a doubt.

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