There has been a constant change in trends when it comes to window coverings. One style might be considered trendy today but you’d be surprised when it becomes outdated the next moment. Homeowners are constantly on the lookout for the next best thing since window coverings are at times, what outsiders and or guests first see when they enter the front yard of one’s home, especially if the home has large windows in the front. Window coverings could also make or break the whole look and feel of a room. It could make a bedroom look cosy or a living room more inviting.

One of the most favoured window coverings are blinds and the reasons why they are still popular are as follows:


There are two types of window blinds, vertical and horizontal, but both types are affordable. They are classy and look expensive but in reality, any homeowner could afford them. This is the reason why you see them in most residential properties. But because of their affordability, even commercial establishments use them in their shops and businesses.


Blinds are also stylish. They come in various styles and designs that they could cater to any homeowners’ taste and preference, not to mention on which part of the homes they would be installed since homeowners prefer blinds used in the bedroom to be darker so as to help in inducing sleep and relaxation. These blinds could not be used in the living room which needs to be inviting and bright.

Blinds are also versatile and have been modernized. You could still go the traditional way where you pull on the blinds for them to open or you could have it automated and by a simple click of a button, the blinds would open and close, following your command. For stylish and versatile vertical blinds Sydney stores are the best place to shop at.

Low maintenance

Despite how they look, blinds are actually low maintenance. You don’t have to have them remove to clean them. You could just give them a thorough dusting when its accumulated dust or just wipe them using a wet microfiber cloth with dishwashing liquid. Repairs for blinds is also easy and could sometimes be done by the homeowner themselves. Although, it is still recommended that a professional do them. But since they are fairly easy, it would not cost that much.

Foundation blinds

Could not make up your mind if you want blinds or the more traditional curtains? Why not have both? There are homeowners that have both curtains and blinds since they are more stylish. Just make sure though that the colours and styles of the blinds and curtains complement each other and that one of the window coverings just serves as an embellishment.

For these many reasons, it’s no surprise vertical and horizontal blinds are still preferred by many homeowners. They are also easy to install and use, they are perfect for large windows and they are adjustable depending on the amount of light you want to let in in the room.

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