It might not be an easy task but cleaning your home’s rain gutters is an important task that should be done regularly, at least once a year. The gutter catches the rainwater flowing down the roof and directs it to flow into a water spout down a drainage system.

It may not be noticeable but dirt and debris can actually accumulate in the gutters – from dead leaves, dust, twigs, animal droppings, and anything that could get stuck up there. When this happens, it affects the proper flow rainwater down to where it should be.

There’s no need to clean the gutters every week. Simply check it every after few months to see if it already needs cleaning or not yet. If you think your gutter is blocked or needs cleaning and you need to hire professional gutter cleaners Melbourne has plenty of good ones you could trust. Here are the reasons why it is important to keep your rain gutters clean and clear from debris.

Keeps Away Pests

When things get accumulated in the gutter, they tend to keep in moisture making them a comfortable nesting and breeding ground for some pests such as ants, mosquitoes, termites, wasps, and many more insects. Having pests around your home is not good because they could bite you or spread disease. Keeping the gutters clean takes away the comfy place of these pests.

Damages the Roof

The main purpose of the gutter is to gather the rainwater from the roof and guide it to where it should flow. A blocked or clogged gutter is not that efficient and could even flood over when the problem is really worse. This can cause problems and damages to your roofing because of too much water that could cause your roof to rot in the long run.

Damages the Foundation

Although it is not that direct, a clogged gutter can cause damages or cracks in the foundation. This is especially true when the water seeps through or pools along the foundation of your home. During cold season, this water can freeze and cause cracks and damages on the main foundation of your home which can weaken it through time.

Fascia and Bracket Damage

The board that runs behind the gutter is called the fascia. When the gutter is clogged, it could overflow and reach the fascia causing it to get damaged and rot later on when not dealt with immediately. Brackets are the parts that connect one gutter segment to another. Clogged gutters carry more weight than the usual, giving more pressure to the brackets and loosening or damaging them altogether after some time.

Overwatering the Lawn or Garden Beds

When the water from gutters overflows too much water goes to the yard, drowning the plants and grass in your landscape. It is important to guide the water to where it should go to keep your plants safe from overwatering.

To be sure that your gutters are well maintained, contact your trusted gutter cleaners and set a scheduled clean-up with them.

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